What are the trendy sunglass frames for 2023? Let's explore the popular styles and key factors to consider all at once

What are the trendy sunglass frames for 2023? Let's explore the popular styles and key factors to consider all at once

How to Choose sunglass Frames? What Frames Match Different Face Shapes? What Are the Trendy Frames Now? All the common questions you have before buying glasses are here. This article will help you find the perfect eyeglass frames with a few key selection points. At the end of the article, we will also introduce three must-have trendy styles for 2023 to help you find the perfect pair of glasses!

Introduction to Four Common Frame Styles:

Choosing sunglass frames can be a common challenge when buying glasses. Besides selecting suitable frames, it's also essential to be aware of current fashion trends. Therefore, before choosing frames, take note of the popular eyeglass frame styles for 2023. Here, we will introduce four recommended and trendy eyeglass frames.

  1. Round Frames: Round sunglass frames represent a classic and timeless design. They have made a comeback as a retro fashion statement in recent years. When worn correctly, round frames can give a soft and gentle look. However, if chosen poorly, they may give off a bookish vibe. Round frames are not only a symbol of retro style but are also popular in Korean fashion. Many celebrities add a touch of fashion to their outfits with a pair of round frames. Whether you prefer a vintage or a Korean style, round frames are versatile and can make you feel like you're traveling through different eras.

  2. Polygonal Frames: Polygonal sunglass frames have become a trendy fashion item in recent years. They are known for their distinctive and fashionably understated appearance, often characterized by simple lines. Wearing polygonal frames can create a smart and intelligent style that isn't overly bold. These frames are suitable for individuals who want to express their unique fashion taste subtly. If you aim to showcase your individuality effortlessly, consider starting with a pair of polygonal frames.

  3. Square Frames: Square frames are a classic choice that never goes out of style. Those who wear square frames often exude a sense of intelligence and stability. If you want to project an image of a smart and reliable person among your peers, square frames are the top choice. Square frames not only add a touch of sophistication but also tend to be durable compared to other frame styles. Over the years, despite the competition from various frame styles on the market, square frames have maintained their popularity. If you want to create a timeless yet trendy fashion statement, square frames are a must.

  4. Browline Frames: Browline frames emphasize the upper part of the glasses, creating an authoritative and mature look. These frames are a favorite among business professionals and celebrities. Due to their naturally serious appearance, browline frames are ideal for individuals who want to project a mature image. Moreover, they also give off a sense of sophistication. If you aim to establish a mature and composed personality, consider starting with a pair of browline frames.


How to Choose Frames – 3 Key Points:

Now that you are familiar with the types of sunglass frames that are trending in 2023, the next step is to choose frames that suit you. Eyeglass frames play a crucial role in defining your personal style. Consider frame size, material, color, shape, and more. Here are three key points to help you select eyeglass frames that are comfortable, stylish, and flattering.

1. Choose Frames that Suit your face shape

Many people wear glasses as a fashion accessory, even if they don't have a prescription. Glasses can help enhance your appearance by complementing your face shape. Whether you have a round face, square face, long face, small face, or large face, there's a frame style that can enhance your facial features. So, which eyeglass frames are suitable for different face shapes? It's not as challenging as it seems. Just like finding a partner who complements you, choosing eyeglass frames is about finding a complementary match. Here's a basic guideline: If you have a square face and want to soften it, go for round frames. If you have a round face and want to add some angles, choose square frames!


Face Shape Guide for Choosing Glasses Frames

Small Face  Large Face
Square Face Regular-sized angular frames Larger-sized angular frames
Round Face Regular-sized angular frames Larger-sized frames with angles
Oval Face Regular-sized frames of any type Larger-sized frames of any type


2. Plastic or Metal Frames? Different materials for glasses frames create distinct styles, but it's also important to consider your personal factors. If you are prone to metal allergies, it's advisable to opt for plastic frames. Another key difference is the price; metal frames, especially lightweight ones, tend to have a higher production cost, which can be reflected in their prices. Therefore, while metal frames are recommended for everyday style, if you want to showcase different styles for various occasions, you can mix and match different frame shapes and colours to create versatile fashion statements. This article also briefly summarizes the pros and cons of different frame materials.


3. Which Frame Color is Good?

The final point to consider when choosing frames is the frame's color. When selecting a frame color, you can intuitively judge based on two main criteria: skin tone and avoiding overly vibrant colors.

Firstly, consider your skin tone, which can be broadly categorized into deep, medium, or fair tones. For individuals with deep skin tones, it's recommended to choose subtle and understated frame colors. Those with medium skin tones can experiment with warmer and golden hues. Lastly, for fair skin tones, lighter and softer colors are advisable to avoid overwhelming your facial features.

After assessing your skin tone, the second key point is to avoid overly vibrant colors unless you specifically want to create a bold and distinctive look for a particular style or occasion. In general, extremely bright and flashy colors are not typically recommended.


3 Popular sunglass Frames for 2023

Finally, after understanding the types of eyeglass frames and the selection guidelines for 2023, this article has compiled three recommended eyeglass styles that will be trending next year. This will help you find an eyeglass frame that suits your style!


The golden eyeglass frame, paired with blue light-blocking lenses and an alloy frame material, maintains a perfect weight in the 30g range. The flawless frame design blends fashion with a soft, warm touch, effortlessly bringing back a vintage style. It allows you to look stylish and feel light every day!



This pair of glasses is a star product from Rosie Allan, achieving thousands of sales within just a few months. It features oversized square frames with soft, extending lines that gracefully frame the face, making it a perfect choice for facial enhancement. When you put on these Grace blue light-blocking glasses, you instantly exude a unique and retro-style charm.



The Taylor blue light-blocking glasses feature a unique teardrop-shaped frame design with clean gold lines and subtle details. Wearing these glasses, you can effortlessly exude an intellectual and modern charm. The minimalist and fashionable frame shape can enhance your facial features and add a dazzling focal point to your look in any setting or style.


If you want to master different styles, the choice of sunglass frames is undoubtedly a key factor. The shape of sunglasses can alter your temperament, facial shape, and overall sense of style. The article has introduced the top 4 recommended eyeglass frame types and selection guidelines for 2023, helping you easily find the perfect eyeglass frames that suit your style, whether it's a retro, Korean, or any other style. In addition to fashion, we also prioritize comfort in eyewear. We recommend the fashion eyewear brand Rosie Allan from Australia, where each pair of glasses is crafted with artisan-level craftsmanship. They not only enhance your facial features but also provide exceptional comfort, making them high-quality eyewear that exceeds their price, catering to both affordability and high-end fashion taste.