Sunglasses Recommendations! 5 Trendiest Styles on Instagram

Sunglasses Recommendations! 5 Trendiest Styles on Instagram

Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory for fashionable women in their daily outfits.  Apart from providing sun protection, they can also enhance facial contours and, most importantly, add the perfect finishing touch to your overall style.  But how do you start with fashionable and trendy sunglasses outfits? Below, we've compiled five popular styles and suitable sunglasses designs to help you avoid the dilemma of how to match your sunglasses!

How to Start with Sunglasses Styling? The simplest way is to match them with your dressing style! For example, if you're into a Korean-style fashion, we'd recommend using framed sunglasses to enhance your facial features. If you prefer a comfortable and outdoorsy look, you can opt for chunky-framed sunglasses to convey that relaxed feel... Next, we'll share five common styles found on IG: Korean, outdoor functional, European-American fashion, Y2K style, and literary style. We'll recommend some super practical and easy sunglasses styling tips, so let's dive right in!

Styling First Choice Recommendation - Korean-European Fusion: Frame Shapes for Facial Contour Enhancement

Whether it's from TV shows or celebrity airport outfits featured in magazines, it's not hard to notice that many Korean-European fusion fashionistas use sunglasses to create an outstanding and stylish atmosphere.  You might be wondering how they choose their sunglasses.  In fact, it's not difficult to see that these fashion-forward individuals pay great attention to the frame's lines.  This not only enhances facial contours but also adds dimension to their overall facial features! Below, we also recommend three sunglasses styles that will effortlessly elevate your sense of style.


Metal frames outline a sense of high fashion and luxury.  With a unique frame design, they can emphasize facial features, adding an exquisite touch.

[Link: Victoria Frame - Gray]


The Amber frame, crafted entirely by hand, is a testament to our craftsmanship! The meticulously designed frame enhances facial contours, creating a refined, European-inspired delicate visage.  We also prioritize comfort adjustments, ensuring that you can wear it for extended periods without feeling tired

[Link: Amber Tortoise]


The fusion of plastic and metal frames not only accentuates the sunglasses' sense of depth but also elevates the overall fashion statement! Whether you're wearing a plain t-shirt or a sweater, adding these sunglasses can make you stand out in a crowd. [Link: Emily-Black]

Sunglasses Styling Recommendation - Outdoor Enthusiast: Bold Frames for Functionality

For outdoor enthusiasts, the key to styling is showcasing functionality and comfort.  Something as simple as pairing yoga pants with an oversized top can effortlessly create a comfortable layered look! But how should outdoor enthusiasts approach sunglass styling? The most important factor is maintaining comfort, so we recommend choosing sunglasses with bold frames to complement the overall styling focus.

Here are two sunglass options for you:


The warm design seamlessly incorporates line contouring effects, not only enhancing facial features without creating a sense of distance but also bringing together comfort and fashion in one go.  It's a versatile and gentle fashion choice.[Link: Elaine-Black]


Combining the fashionable aura of Hollywood, the Kelly frame not only boasts a classic European and American square design but also incorporates the advantages of a bold frame for comfort and functionality.  It's a perfect match for sporty ladies!

[Link: Kelly-Black]

Sunglasses Styling, the Latest Trend Recommendation - European and American Fashion: Elevating the Ambience with Metallic Sensation

The European and American style has always been influential in the fashion industry, and it plays a significant role in sunglasses styling as well.  If you're someone who typically prefers the spacious and crisp European and American aesthetic, it's essential to pay particular attention to metallic accents and depth when choosing sunglasses.  Additionally, consider your top's pairing, focusing on a simple and clean style to highlight the sunglasses' details!


Interweaving metal frames with bold design, not only creates a distinctive high-fashion atmosphere but also adds depth to the facial features.  The contrasting logo details are the finishing touch, making it a must-have for those who want a one-of-a-kind look!

[Sunglasses Link: Bella-Black]


The modern frame design, paired with a gold-toned metal frame, fully showcases a subtle sense of European and American-style luxury.

[Link: Lucy-Gold]

Sunglasses Styling, Most Eye-Catching Recommendation - Y2K Trend: Embrace the Bold Futuristic Vibe

From the talented teenage sensation to the quirky and spirited singer, the iconic, to the dynamic pop queens like Selena Gomez and Namie Amuro, they can all be considered pioneers of the Y2K era.  This futuristic trend, which started with them, has continued to make its presence felt in fashion magazines even to this day.  So, what are the key elements of Y2K sunglass styling? The most crucial aspects are the use of plastic frames and bold, contrasting colours like silver, orange, and pink, which are constant guests in the Y2K style.  Here, we recommend two sunglasses that are perfect for Y2K fashion – take a look and see if they catch your eye!


Embracing a trendy casual style, the nose pads are designed to fit all facial contours perfectly, making it a blend of practicality, comfort, and high quality. [Link: Allan-Pink]


The minimalistic curved frame lines and the perfectly balanced frame thickness are designed to complement most facial shapes without feeling overly heavy. Paired with a simple logo accent, it's an excellent choice for Y2K-inspired fashion for girls. [Link: Rosie-Pink]

Sunglasses Styling, Recommended for a Literary and Artistic Feel: Thin Frames Evoke an Intellectual Vibe

The simple and understated literary and artistic style has become one of the prevailing fashion trends in recent years.  When it comes to sunglass styling in this genre, the key is to choose simple, thin frames to evoke an intellectual aura and lend an overall 'soft' feeling to the look.


The Mavis frame boasts a metallic thin frame texture, effortlessly bringing out an intellectual and bookish quality.  Its unique button design is a subtle touch by the designer!  [Link: Mavis-Black]


The delicate bright frame design not only creates an elegant atmosphere but also enhances the bookish quality.  For those who want to blend fashion with a literary feel, this pair of sunglasses is a must-have! 〈Sunglasses Link: Tammy-Black

Sunglasses Styling Styles Overview

Korean-European Fusion Outdoor Functional European and American Style Y2K Style Literary and Artistic Style
Features Enhance facial contours and three-dimensionality Prioritize comfort Create a spacious and crisp atmosphere Embrace a futuristic vibe with bold contrasting colors Evoke a bookish, simple vibe
Selection Tips Focus on frame lines to enhance facial contours and three-dimensionality Opt for bold frames for comfort and functionality Pay attention to metallic textures and depth Choose plastic frames and contrasting colors Go for thin frames to evoke an intellectual aura


Choosing the right sunglasses also depends on your face shape.  Here are some tips for different face shapes:

  • Round Face: Opt for square frames, aviator frames, or cat-eye frames to elongate the face.
  • Oval Face: You have the flexibility to try various frame shapes, but avoid overly large frames.
  • Square Face: Choose cat-eye frames to soften angular features.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Go for rounded frames or aviator frames to balance your face shape.


Finding the perfect sunglasses isn't just about matching your style but also considering your face shape.  Whether you prefer Korean-European fusion, outdoor functionality, European and American style, Y2K style, or the literary and artistic style, selecting the right frame can enhance your overall look. If you're looking for comfortable and stylish sunglasses, we recommend Rosie Allan, a minimalist eyewear brand from Australia.  Each pair of sunglasses is carefully designed by their team to elevate your style.  Additionally, some of our sunglasses come with premium Zeiss lenses that protect your eyes from harsh sunlight.  To explore more sunglass styles, click here to start browsing and find the perfect pair for you!