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Frame Material: Metal
Frame Color: Matt Gold
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Lens Color: Transparent
Blue Light Blocking Rate: 30%
UV Protection: 100% UVA/UVB Protection
Weight: 28g



Lens Width : 60mm
Bridge Width : 19mm
Arm Length : 146mm




Product Features

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Crafted with large flat lenses for the ultimate in fashion.

The Italian acetate material features exquisite lines and rich color tones.

High wearing comfort and optimal fit of the glasses due to the frame's perfect balance.

Utilizing German-made OBE stainless steel hinges, these are robust, durable, and less prone to breakage.

Product Features

The frame can be produced in endless colour and shape options, ensuring exclusivity.

The Italian acetate sheet boasts exquisite lines and rich, vibrant colours.

High wearing comfort and optimal fit of the glasses due to the frame's perfect balance.

Using German-made OBE stainless steel hinges for robust and resistance to breakage.

Face Shape Guide

A guide on selecting glasses based on different face shapes, providing purchasing references.

Oval Face

All styles of sunglasses are suitable because the facial lines are soft and the facial proportions are even, so there are hardly any restrictions. You can freely choose the style you like.

Square Face

Opt for round frames to soften angular features and gently accentuate the facial lines, creating a more rounded and softened effect.

Long Face

Opt for rounded styles to reduce the elongated appearance of a long face and create a more balanced facial proportion.

Round Face

Opt for square or angular frames to shift visual focus to the upper part of the face, creating a sharpness and balancing facial proportions.

Diamond Face

Styles like cat-eye, oval, or square frames are suitable, as they can complement areas beyond the cheekbones while creating a flattering facial appearance.

Triangle Face

Round glasses are suitable for this face shape. The circular style can balance the width difference between the cheekbones and the jaw, soften the angularity of the face, and create a more harmonious overall facial proportion.

Inverted Triangle Face

Opt for glasses with distinct designs or emphasis on the upper part, such as frames with pronounced upper lines or detailing. These can shift visual focus to the forehead area, balancing the facial features.