How to Choose Sunglasses Lens Colors for Traveling? These Colors are a Safe Bet!

How to Choose Sunglasses Lens Colors for Traveling? These Colors are a Safe Bet!

Heading out for a sunny day or going on a trip? Don't forget to wear sunglasses. According to eye doctors, wearing sunglasses is essential whenever you're outdoors, regardless of the season. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and prevent eye allergies caused by air pollution.  But which sunglasses lens colors are best for outdoor travel? And what can happen if you choose the wrong color? Read on to find out!

We often have preconceived notions about sunglasses, thinking that darker shades provide better protection for our eyes. But does the lens color or a label of UV protection indicate that they shield us from harmful UV rays? Let's delve into the details.

Is Darker Always Better?

No, the darkness of sunglasses does not necessarily equate to better protection. What's important is that the lenses have certified UV protection, with a UV400 rating, meaning they block 95% or more of UV radiation. Wearing dark sunglasses doesn't always block the invisible UV rays effectively. In fact, when you wear very dark shades, your pupils tend to dilate more in low-light conditions, allowing more UV radiation to enter your eyes. Prolonged exposure to strong UV and blue light can lead to eye damage.

Lens Color ≠ UV Protection

Having a colored lens doesn't automatically mean UV protection. In addition to the lens color, you should look for sunglasses with UV protection certification. Check for the UV400 label on the eyewear or its pouch. UV400 certification indicates that the lenses can effectively block most harmful rays. When purchasing sunglasses, you can ask the store to use instruments to verify if the lenses meet certification standards, ensuring you're not buying poor-quality, non-UV protective eyewear.

Choosing the Right Sunglass Lens Color

When it comes to sunglass lens colors, personal preferences may vary, but it's important to consider functionality and the environment you'll be in during your travel. Here's a breakdown of various sunglass lens colors, their functions, and how they can help or affect your eyes.

Lens Colors to Avoid for Outdoor Travel:

  1. Yellow: Yellow sunglasses can make the eyes more sensitive, increasing their reactivity when exposed to a lot of yellow light. Prolonged use can lead to eye strain. Yellow lenses are more suitable for low-light conditions or indoor activities.

  2. Blue: Wearing blue-tinted sunglasses outdoors can concentrate blue light, potentially causing damage to the eye's crystalline lens. It's advisable to choose blue-tinted lenses with UV protection to safeguard your eye health.

  3. Red or Rose: Red or rose-tinted sunglasses may enhance contrast but usually lack UV protection. They are decorative accessories rather than functional sunglasses. They are suitable for activities in low to moderate light, like skiing during dawn or dusk.

Recommended Sunglass Lens Colors for Travel:

For outdoor activities and travel, here are some sunglass lens colors that work well:

  1. Gray: Gray lenses are considered the best for outdoor activities. They provide neutral color perception and reduce brightness without altering the true colors. They're suitable for various sports.

  2. Brown: Brown lenses enhance contrast and depth perception. They're ideal for driving and activities in low-light or hazy conditions.

  3. Green: Green lenses offer a balance between gray and brown. They provide good contrast and color clarity while reducing glare.

Remember, in addition to lens color and UV protection, the lens category or filter level is also crucial. It determines how much light is allowed to pass through and is represented by numbers 0 to 4:

  • 0: Suitable for indoor or nighttime use.
  • 1: Suitable for cloudy or overcast conditions.
  • 2: Suitable for daytime use.
  • 3: Suitable for outdoor activities.
  • 4: Suitable for intense sun, water sports, and skiing.

What is Light Transmission Rate?

When light interacts with an object, it exhibits three main characteristics: reflection, transmission, and absorption. Light Transmission Rate refers to the percentage of light that passes through an object relative to the total incoming light. Typically, sunglasses suitable for most situations have a light transmission rate ranging from 8% to 40%. This corresponds to sunglasses categorized as filter level 2 or 3.

Recommended Travel Sunglasses:

Handcrafted Acetate Sunglasses - Rosie Gray Tortoise

This sunglasses offer 100% UV protection, making them suitable for various styles of clothing. The grey tortoise tint of the lenses, along with their minimalist curved frames and just-right frame size, can complement the facial features of many individuals. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, adding a playful yet mysterious touch to your look. These sunglasses are a timeless fashion choice suitable for people of all ages and genders, and they never go out of style!

To know more here: Rosie Grey Tortoise.


Handcrafted Acetate Sunglasses - Alison Black

With 100% UV protection against harmful UV rays, these sunglasses feature a simple black color scheme. The front of the frame is adorned with the "R" logo, representing ROSIE ALLAN, showcasing the brand's style. The outer end of the left temple is embellished with a koala bear pattern, symbolizing the unique spirit of Australia. With a casual square frame design that enhances your overall look and facial contours, these sunglasses are the top choice for friends, couples, and spouses!

Learn more about them here: Alison Black.

Handcrafted Acetate Sunglasses - ViVi Tortoise 

Vivi offer 100% UV protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. The wide tortoise frame exudes a sturdy yet lightweight feel. At the top of the frame, you'll find delicate gold lettering crafted by hand, adorned with the brand philosophy of "ROSIE." This Vivi model, designed with a textured handmade panel, features a stylish tea amber sunglasses color that saves you the trouble of coordinating outfits. With these sunglasses, achieving a fashionable look is as simple as dressing up!

To know more here: ViVi Tortoise


When selecting sunglasses suitable for outdoor travel and holidays, it's essential to consider not only the sunglasses' color, light transmission rate, and UV protection markings but also the quality of their construction. This includes lenses that are smooth and free of scratches, with even color and no air bubbles or irregularities. The curvature of the lenses should be symmetrical on both sides, and the lens area should be large enough to fully shield the eyes from direct sunlight. Additionally, the frame of the sunglasses should be sturdy, stable, and free from distortion.

ROSIE ALLAN, a brand embraced by the warmth of sunlight, uses Italian handmade materials for its frames and incorporates a golden "R" logo. These sunglasses offer both style and functionality. Wearing ROSIE ALLAN sunglasses provides a comfortable and reassuring level of eye protection when enjoying the sun outdoors!

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