How to Choose Stylish Sunglasses? Revealing 6 Common Face Shape Tips

How to Choose Stylish Sunglasses? Revealing 6 Common Face Shape Tips

Sunglasses are a common and stylish accessory in everyday life. They are suitable for various activities like driving, traveling, and shopping. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV rays but also enhance your overall fashion. Did you know that to make sunglasses complement your look perfectly, it's not just about following fashion trends, but also about choosing sunglasses that match your face shape to enhance your features? This article will share tips on selecting sunglasses for six common face shapes, helping you instantly elevate your appearance.


How to Determine Your Face Shape?


Before you find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape, you need to perform a simple test to determine your face shape type.

Step 1: Identify the widest part of your face, whether it's your forehead, cheekbones, or jawline.

Step 2: Measure the length and width of your face.

Step 3: Observe the width of your forehead, determining if it's broad or narrow.

Step 4: Examine your jawline shape, identifying if it's round, square, or pointed.

Step 5: Record the measurements you've taken, and you can then identify your corresponding face shape.

Round Face: The length and width of your face are nearly equal, and you have a round jawline.

Square Face: The length and width of your face are nearly equal, and you have a square jawline and a broad forehead.

Heart-Shaped Face: The length of your face is greater than the width by up to 5 cm, and you have a broad forehead and a pointed chin.

Oval Face: The length of your face is greater than the width by up to 5 cm, and you have a pointed chin.

Long Face: The length of your face is about twice the width, and you have a broad forehead and a square jawline.

Diamond Face: You have a narrow forehead, a pointed chin, and the widest part of your face is at the cheekbones.

Round Face

A round face is characterized by equal width from the forehead to the cheeks to the chin, giving it a baby-like, rounded appearance with less defined jawlines. It's not recommended to pair round sunglasses with this face shape, as they can make your face look even rounder. Instead, opt for sleek, angular frames or rectangular sunglasses. These styles can elongate your face and add some sharpness, creating a more three-dimensional profile when viewed from the sides, making your face appear smaller.

Recommended Sunglasses: Angular frames, rectangular sunglasses, or styles with strong angles.

Not Recommended: Round sunglasses.

Square Face

A square face is the opposite of a round face. It has distinct facial lines with similar lengths and widths for the forehead and jaw, resulting in a square jawline and a broad forehead. Sunglasses for this face shape should soften the lines and elongate the face. Avoid square or rectangular frames, as they can make your face look more severe. Instead, consider oval or round frames with curved lines. These styles help to soften the sharp angles and create a smoother facial appearance.

Recommended Sunglasses: Oval frames, round frames, or styles with curved lines.

Not Recommended: Square frames, rectangular sunglasses.

Heart-Shaped Face

The heart-shaped face is considered one of the ideal face shapes. It features a delicate V-shaped chin and prominent cheekbones, with a slightly narrower forehead compared to the cheeks. To balance the proportions of your face and not overshadow its natural beauty, opt for relatively thin frames, transparent colors, or slightly rounded styles. These choices can add width or roundness to the lower half of your face, achieving a more balanced look.

Recommended Sunglasses: Thin-rimmed frames, transparent frames, round frames, oval frames.

Not Recommended: Thick frames, rectangular sunglasses.

Oval Face

The oval face, often referred to as the "egg-shaped" face, has well-balanced proportions and a gently rounded chin, making it one of the most versatile face shapes for sunglasses. You can confidently pull off various sunglass styles. However, if you want to maintain your face's distinctive features, avoid oversized or bold frames that might overpower your face.

Recommended Sunglasses: Round frames, square frames, rectangular frames, thin-rimmed frames, and more.

Not Recommended: Thick frames, oversized sunglasses.

Long Face

A long face has narrower sides on the cheeks and an overall elongated shape. If you choose long or rectangular sunglasses, your face may appear even longer. For this face shape, select round or oversized frames. These styles can help shorten the appearance of your face and provide a softer, more balanced look.

Recommended Sunglasses: Round frames, oval frames, oversized frames.

Not Recommended: Square frames, rectangular sunglasses.

Diamond Face

A diamond face typically has a narrow forehead, a pointed chin, and prominent cheekbones. As this face shape tends to look wider overall, it's recommended to choose large lens sunglasses or rounded frames. This choice helps soften the prominent cheekbones and avoids emphasizing the angular contours of your face.

Recommended Sunglasses: Round frames, oval frames, oversized sunglasses. Not Recommended: Square frames, rectangular sunglasses.

These tips will help you select the perfect sunglasses to complement your face shape, enhancing your overall appearance and style.

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    In Conclusion

    Sunglasses not only need to be stylish but also should complement your face shape. We believe that the 6 different face shape matching techniques shared in this article will help you make more informed choices. They provide insights into how to leverage the features of sunglasses to enhance the three-dimensionality of your face shape and facial features.

    The Australian brand ROSIE ALLAN meticulously considers the wearer's experience when designing each pair of sunglasses. Therefore, they select materials made from Italian handcrafted boards, which not only present a unique texture but also are hypoallergenic and odor-free. The frame design is carefully thought out to create frames tailored to different face shapes, ensuring they don't press against the ears or easily slip off, even during extended wear. The sunglasses' appearance maintains a simple yet fashionable style, allowing everyone to exude their unique charm when they put them on!